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Business Credit Consulting

Our Unsecured Business Financing program is perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business as well as those who are already well established. You can be approved for $150,000 in 0%, unsecured, no-doc, business financing with no collateral or cash flow requirements.

This program is designed to help clients get funding based strictly on personal or business credit quality.  Our lenders will not ask for financials, bank statements, business plans, resumes, or any of the other burdensome document requests that most conventional lenders demand.

This program is as close to a “no-doc” program as you can get with business funding. And the best part is that you can even be approved with introductory rates as low as 0% giving this program the best terms in the country.

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Laura Brown

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Mark Wiggins

408 Beach Blvd Suite 104
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Mobile: 201-926-9027

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